Mimesis film

Recording of viewer interacting with Mimesis installation

Visuals generated by viewer's interaction with Mimesis installation

Mimesis is an interactive video installation which explores the relationship between the viewer and the moving image in the digital age. The visual material in the two-part installation is created by collecting point cloud data of a performer using the 3D sensor of a Microsoft Kinect. The data stream is visualised, manipulated, captured and edited into a short film set to music. This short film is the first component of the installation, projected onto a large screen. In the second interactive portion, a three-dimensional graphic environment incorporating clips from the film is projected onto the screen. The Kinect is used to track and interpret viewers’ movements, allowing the interactive environment to be manipulated and visualised in real time by the movements of the viewer. The installation serves to contrast the passive act of watching a completed film with the immersive experience of engaging with an interactive installation.